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Monday, July 13, 2009

The New Players

Manchester United will introduce two new players, Michael Owen and Antonio Valencia. But Sir Alex Ferguson also appears to still continue to monitor Samuel Eto'o to add the strength of a red devils.
Owen and Valencia will be introduced to the public Old Trafford as a substitute Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo, today, 13 July 2009.

However, many of the rate if the two new players plus the Red devils Gabriel Obertan not fit the hole due to the loss of Ronaldo and Teves. No wonder Ferguson is now the hunt continues.
Sir Alex Ferguson is worth panic. Section, some of the main prey one by one fails to be obtained. Karim Benzema a most painful blow Ferguson. The former Lyon striker this even choose Real Madrid as the new club.

In addition to re-quote a half left Gremio Douglas Costa, Fergie also preparing the land Samuel Eto'o. These two players will be the focus for the Red devils showed that the strength of next season remains a champion Ronaldo funds with sales reaching 80 million pounsterling is most appropriate if Fergie does not have one player on the board.

And the shooting was likely to lead to the Barcelona striker. As is made Goal, MU say Eto'o is ready to bid 18 million pounds. Eto'o will most likely be considering a bid MU. join it to David Villa Nou Camp would be a threat for the Cameroon striker this.

However, MU must remain vigilant if do not want to lose. The Manchester City, although it will still pursue that Eto'o has been pursuing surrender.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Luis Antonio Valencia

Luis Antonio Valencia joined the Manchester. Realize the dream he joined the Manchester United transfer value with 16 million Pounds Sterling.

This desire and make sir Alex Ferguson will present the new form this summer. Ecuador stars, wish very soon wear costumes Manchester United. Valencia will undergo health tests in the Old Trafford today. Details Valencia contract will be completed in next few days.

Valencia delay the transfer to United for five months. In fact, Ferguson has been interested in him and want to buy it from The Latics, January 2009.

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich also has the same desire to Valencia, must eventually bite finger. Winger age 23 this would replace the position left by Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United's on to another team.

Valencia dream so real. In fact, he will also receive a salary four times in the MU with 75 thousand pounds per week. Sir Alex Ferguson was patiently waiting to get the best prices for Valencia. Sir Alex did not want to pay too much to Valencia, even though he get 85 million pounds of sales Ronaldo.

United is still pursuing Spanish striker, David Villa. MU hard to compete with some of elite European clubs to get the Valencia striker this.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Klass Jan Huntellar

Klaas Jan Huntelaar added a long list of striker go hunting in the Manchester United. Earlier, the Red Devil has to borer Karim Benzema and Sergio Aguero to fill the front lines next season.

MU is currently seeking incentive for Cristiano Ronaldo who has just sell them to Real Madrid and is likely carlos teves will be join with Manchester City. Name from a line of Benzema and Aguero watched fall into the Red Devil . But none that are running according to plan. Each report is still a problem resolution rates.

Therefore, although it recently joined the Real Madrid, striker Huntelaar will be the last on the MU coach, Sir Alex Ferguson to replace Ronaldo place. Huntelaar is a player national team of Netherlands. But since moving to Madrid, he was 25 years old also find it best performance. 20 of the match, Huntelaar new hunting collect 8 gol. Will the forward get the results soon and who will fill the front line of Manchester United?