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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Manchester United winning over Arsenal

Manchester United winning over Arsenal

On the match's first leg Champions Cup semifinal red devil successfully subjected The Gunners with a 1-0 score at Old Trafford stadium thanks to a goal was created by the wing back John O'Shea on 17 minutes to make The Gunners hope to go to the final round was quite heavy, because to pass to the final round at least Arsenal should be able to subjected Mu 2 with the difference only results gol.

And series only MU is able to continue to the next round, but defeat is not Arsène Wenger hopes disappeared according to him because his team still have a chance in the second leg will be held at the Emirates stadium on 5 Mei.

In the games rivalry this MU and Arsenal dominated the attack and only survived the attack back on using the crisis in front of the wicket Almunia on 17 minutes to finally break through John O'Shea can hurdle Arsenal.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sensational Games Of Red Devil At Old Trafford Stadium

Sensational games indicated by Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford with the stadium behind 0-2 in the first round can be the first to reverse the facts and pursue the League opponents with score 5-2. This is amazing!!! In the minutes to 57 Cristian Ronaldo the opportunity execute the kick pinalty after Michael Carrick be by Hotspur goalkeeper.

10 minutes afterwards and then turn to Wayne Rooyne goals and create a 2-position of equilibrium 2.
No need a long time consecutive and Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Dimitiar Berbatof add goals so skore into 5-2. Very amazing which can add with 2 goals for this Cristian while still a top score in that Premiere. Will league victory this time could be back against Arsenal at 30-04 later in the match Champions semifinal first legs?

But you may not be in the match yesterday because Arsenal can beat Middlesbrough at the Emirates stadium to make this fight is not invincible for 20 times games with sequent. Will Red Devil can defeat The Red Gunners?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All About My Favourite Club, Manchester United And The Top Player, Carlos Teves

Show full team in the match against Portsmouth Red Devil display full strength team for the ambition to reach three points, the main pillars in the fight MU down this MU and the results can reach the number three points of backlash from Wayne Rooney in the minutes to 9 and an additional one-goal generated by the Michael Carrick on 82 minutes which is the understudy.

In this fight successfully surpass MU 2-0 Portsmouth and this created the opportunity to sweep so closed. And premier league Manchester United also have to pay expensive injuries to its top two top players defender John O'Shea and Gary Navile ascertained because two players will be absent some last fight in the future.

Behind the event, Carlos Teves will leave Manchester United, have a number of factors will leave the club for the duration of which is for performance, get a better bid or contract have been exhausted and this case does not diperpanjang. Anyway Carlos Teves is one of the players who have a complicated problem because you only binding him over two seasons his agent MSI (Media Sports Investment) because the previous cases affected Teves unilateral termination by West Ham. And so far no red devils official contract has not been given to the player who has contributed 17 goals this. Club, and many who start a glance and provide a bid more than he can in one of Manchester United that Real Madrid players have long wanted this. Teves will still survive at Manchester United or anchored in place ????????

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christiano Ronaldo, Save Manchester United!

Christiano Ronaldo determines a victory for Manchester United against FC Porto after a goal to enter the retina at the Porto FC minutes to six.

With the 1-0 victory red devils pass to the semi final round, the semifinal will face Manchester United with Arsenal beat Villarreal successful with skors 3-0.

Gol Christiano Ronaldo is at the Estadio Dragao FC Porto myth that this is not invincible when playing in enclosure.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Macheda, The Man Of The Match

Manchester United starlet Macheda "Kiko" taken from the club Lazio Junior years ago deserve to get public attention because of the match in the two-time scorer who always make the determination for victory is manchester united.

The possibility he will not get a medal this season when Manchester United come out again as the league champion primier, according to the regulations for the English league a player must play at least 10 to get the match medal, although only the additional player. And Macheda at this time a new play the game twice and Manchester United at this time leaving the game seven times in the rest of the fight, when all is revealed only macheda new Macheda play as many as nine times.

Maybe Macheda get dispensation never felt like that when Alan Smith defend MU 2006-2007 season ago when Alan Smith suffered the injury, and he a lot of play at manchester United became the primary champion of the league Inggris. But they have something that makes Macheda consoled because his club MU has given a new contract for players who arouse familiar is called Kiko. In the new contract bid, as Channel 4 made a writen from the Daily Mirror that the young players is to get the salary of 10 thousand poundsterling perpekan and very far from the nominal are currently only 400 poundsterling every week. Upss! Bravo Macheda!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United Fight The Throne

Seizing the throne champion strict competition between the top three clubs in the league this season primier English increasingly tight after yesterday's third club in the match successfully defeat their opponents. Manchester United beat Sunderland 2-1 successfully, Liverpool vs Blackburn Rovers 4-0 and Chelsea beat Bolton Wanderers successfully 4-3.

Dardob Macheda the young age of 17 years to become successful again hero for Manchester United in the match against Sunderland, after Macheda replace Dimitar Berbatov in just less than a minute Macheda can add 1 goal and create a victory for the red devils. Meanwhile a report in Forbes magazine (a leading business magazine) club Manchester United as the richest club in the world in a list released this magazine is still the United surpass original Spanish club giants Real Madrid.

Next order of 10 richest club according to Forbes magazine reports.:
1. Manchester United (England)
2. Real Madrid (Spain)
3. Arsenal (England)
4. Bayern Munchen (Germany)
5. Liverpool (England)
6. AC Milan (Italy)
7. Barcelona (Spain)
8. Chelsea (England)
9. Juventus (UK)
10.Schalke 04 (Germany)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alex Ferguson

The coach Sir Alex Ferguson could not breathe relieved as a result are forced to play equilibrium 2-2 against FC Porto. In the quarter final fight league champion and is now threatened by loss of one of the young Jonny Evans due to injury while playing with FC Porto in the first leg.

And on 11 April you will have to compete against Sunderland in the league this priemer make your medical team must work extra hard to handle problems that involve his player. Because one week and then have to play with FC Porto in the second leg.

Federico Macheda become the new idol after the match against Aston Villa won 3-2 by MU blessings for the young players aged 17 MU this year. Because the players have made the name a young MU Federico Macheda be known by football fans in the world is because young players can break down opponents at the wicket injury time and made the victory for MU.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Determine The Match Manchester United

There are no stories for MU lost to the game this week against with Aston Villa.

So that should be do by MU for the match in two previous MU loose from Liverpool 1-4 and 0-2 against Fullham in March ago. Fight against Aston Villa is a fight that is very meaningful for the red devils to prove the resurrection child care sir Alex Ferguson because of this victory made the red devils resurrection moment to reach the peak position and while classemen liverpool excel in both position and being one of the factors that support for the contention attack league champion FC Porto in the mid-future in a situation like this arise and MU must win this match.

But the crucial problem at this time without the presence of MU off the spearhead of Wayne Rooney and Berbatov MU has difficulties moment at this time in front of the line by only relying on Carlos Teves as bravo MU.