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Thursday, April 23, 2009

All About My Favourite Club, Manchester United And The Top Player, Carlos Teves

Show full team in the match against Portsmouth Red Devil display full strength team for the ambition to reach three points, the main pillars in the fight MU down this MU and the results can reach the number three points of backlash from Wayne Rooney in the minutes to 9 and an additional one-goal generated by the Michael Carrick on 82 minutes which is the understudy.

In this fight successfully surpass MU 2-0 Portsmouth and this created the opportunity to sweep so closed. And premier league Manchester United also have to pay expensive injuries to its top two top players defender John O'Shea and Gary Navile ascertained because two players will be absent some last fight in the future.

Behind the event, Carlos Teves will leave Manchester United, have a number of factors will leave the club for the duration of which is for performance, get a better bid or contract have been exhausted and this case does not diperpanjang. Anyway Carlos Teves is one of the players who have a complicated problem because you only binding him over two seasons his agent MSI (Media Sports Investment) because the previous cases affected Teves unilateral termination by West Ham. And so far no red devils official contract has not been given to the player who has contributed 17 goals this. Club, and many who start a glance and provide a bid more than he can in one of Manchester United that Real Madrid players have long wanted this. Teves will still survive at Manchester United or anchored in place ????????

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indo said...

Ga sabar menunggu pertandingan minggu depan antara MU versus Arsenal

*beware of Asjavin...:D

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