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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United Fight The Throne

Seizing the throne champion strict competition between the top three clubs in the league this season primier English increasingly tight after yesterday's third club in the match successfully defeat their opponents. Manchester United beat Sunderland 2-1 successfully, Liverpool vs Blackburn Rovers 4-0 and Chelsea beat Bolton Wanderers successfully 4-3.

Dardob Macheda the young age of 17 years to become successful again hero for Manchester United in the match against Sunderland, after Macheda replace Dimitar Berbatov in just less than a minute Macheda can add 1 goal and create a victory for the red devils. Meanwhile a report in Forbes magazine (a leading business magazine) club Manchester United as the richest club in the world in a list released this magazine is still the United surpass original Spanish club giants Real Madrid.

Next order of 10 richest club according to Forbes magazine reports.:
1. Manchester United (England)
2. Real Madrid (Spain)
3. Arsenal (England)
4. Bayern Munchen (Germany)
5. Liverpool (England)
6. AC Milan (Italy)
7. Barcelona (Spain)
8. Chelsea (England)
9. Juventus (UK)
10.Schalke 04 (Germany)

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