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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Macheda, The Man Of The Match

Manchester United starlet Macheda "Kiko" taken from the club Lazio Junior years ago deserve to get public attention because of the match in the two-time scorer who always make the determination for victory is manchester united.

The possibility he will not get a medal this season when Manchester United come out again as the league champion primier, according to the regulations for the English league a player must play at least 10 to get the match medal, although only the additional player. And Macheda at this time a new play the game twice and Manchester United at this time leaving the game seven times in the rest of the fight, when all is revealed only macheda new Macheda play as many as nine times.

Maybe Macheda get dispensation never felt like that when Alan Smith defend MU 2006-2007 season ago when Alan Smith suffered the injury, and he a lot of play at manchester United became the primary champion of the league Inggris. But they have something that makes Macheda consoled because his club MU has given a new contract for players who arouse familiar is called Kiko. In the new contract bid, as Channel 4 made a writen from the Daily Mirror that the young players is to get the salary of 10 thousand poundsterling perpekan and very far from the nominal are currently only 400 poundsterling every week. Upss! Bravo Macheda!!!

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