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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alex Ferguson

The coach Sir Alex Ferguson could not breathe relieved as a result are forced to play equilibrium 2-2 against FC Porto. In the quarter final fight league champion and is now threatened by loss of one of the young Jonny Evans due to injury while playing with FC Porto in the first leg.

And on 11 April you will have to compete against Sunderland in the league this priemer make your medical team must work extra hard to handle problems that involve his player. Because one week and then have to play with FC Porto in the second leg.

Federico Macheda become the new idol after the match against Aston Villa won 3-2 by MU blessings for the young players aged 17 MU this year. Because the players have made the name a young MU Federico Macheda be known by football fans in the world is because young players can break down opponents at the wicket injury time and made the victory for MU.

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