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Thursday, May 28, 2009


fight between two giant ball flat world make millions of eyes that saw the match between Barcelona and Manchester United is very tense, pulsatile me happy and sad, including one which is very heavy with the results of the tourney yesterday.

Skuad MU has been trying for everything but they have to give up 0-2 against Barcelona.
The final is played at the Olimpico stadium Roman history to create new forces that ultimately must be a red devil genuflect before thousands of supporters who witnessed the game of soccer is that it is difficult to predict any results.

I think the first goal killed us. That attack, and they print the first goal, "said Ferguson as cited Goal.

"We started the match with a little more shine, but nervous after that bear and a touchdown. They (Barca) is also able to continue to keep the ball so, "added Fergie. Even without free Scotland manager recognizes if Barcelona are a better team than skuad, Red Devill.

In other words, Barca win feasible. "It is just we lost by a better team. We do not in our best after the first goal to make us very difficult. Their defense is also very good, "Ferguson close. That is the reality that must be recognized and however

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Champion Premier League 2009

Manchester United become Premier League champion seasons 2008-2009. This result is after the match against Arsenal on yesterday, the Red Devils get one extra points from the score of 0-0 against Arsenal equilibrium. Additional points to make a MU have 87 points with one still remaining in the hands of the match. Impossible to be pursued by the only team that still Liverpool. Success champion jockey title to the Premier League-18 for The Red Devils are running nearly perfect score if Park Ji Sung in the 72-minute to the referee not canceled. Ronaldo is considered to be in the Offside position when working with the Park. However, only the results of series already enough troops for Alex Ferguson. They still have a degree that can be champion again this season dikoleksi. Thursday May 28, Ronaldo and his friends will play in the Champions League final against Barcelona.

Half-Manchester United winger, Cristiano Ronaldo proud of his team is able to become champion 2008-2009 UEFA Champions League season.

The origin of this late in the Portugal victory celebration after the Red Devill holding Arsenal 0-0 with a score of equilibrium. "This can not be trusted, this is a special day," said Ronaldo to MUTV. "We go back to win the league and now we will celebrate our victory with the family". I really enjoy.

This fantastic achievement. Not easy to win three times. This is a special moment and we should enjoy this moment.

Premier League champion title this year is 18-degrees to achieve the same or with a MU record made Liverpool. However, Ronaldo MU confess that only need to concentrate in order to achieve victory more.

MU is now starting to focus on the match Champions League final, and how to mengatasai Barcelona. "If we win, then this year is a year of surprises," said Ronaldo.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carlos Teves

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson could not hide amazed to Carlos Tevez. Tevez became stars victory over the host United 2-1 Wigan, he prints the first United goal after behind.
Sir Alex will not guarantee any problems during the negotiations between the club and Tevez.
Problem may appear when nego occurred between MU and third-party owner of Tevez, Media Sports Investments (MSI), led by Kia Joorabchian that. "He knows I want it to last. I was talking to him. David Gill also met several times with it," Fergie go. "We hope to be able to meet demand.
I said that the situation is not changed. We do not nego with a club. Carlos itself is okay, and he get a good offer," continued Ferguson. Two-year loan in the United Tevez out this end of the season. The Red Devils are still quite objections issued 22 million pounds for Tevez as requested MSI.
Will the stars Teves still glisten in front of the MU season berth in the club or the other I hope to get successfully MU akan Teves again.

One step to become Champion

Manchester United stay top step again in the premier league after the match yesterday against Wigan Athletic successfully skore 2-1 with the win.

The Red Devill dramatically successful defeat Wigan at the JJB stadium enclosure, the first phase to MU because it failed to make goal line defense so strong, even MU behind Wigan 0-1 on 28 minutes thanks to goals and Hugo Rodallega ended the first round.

Minutes early on the second round sharp prick-puncture of the MU is not work out until the coach Sir Alex Fergusson the player eventually rotate with the lower Carlos Teves to replace Anderson in the 59 minutes to change this because it spelled out exactly 3 minutes and then criss Teves successfully enter the ball to the wicket Wigan to change skore 1-1.

Red devils have to wait until almost completed the second phase can alter the results of a backlash 2-1 Michael Carrick on 86 minutes to the whistle to be blown and fixed position for 2-1 Manchester United.

That is The Red Devill only need one or more points need to draw on the next and the match will still retain crown champion premier league.

Monday, May 11, 2009

MU Leads Premier League

Manchester United eventually return control clasmen peak while in the premier league after the match against menchester City, successfully defeated the skore 2-0.

Victory was the successful replace Liverpoool friction that had MU in top clasmen after successfully topple Liverpool West Ham United 3-0 in the shells of 24 hours.

Manchester derby in the team are headed by Sir Alex Ferguson successfully overcome one of their colleagues goals generated by Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Teves on 18 minutes to 45 .

United and now need only four more points to lock the premier league title.
Victory does not mean the end of this struggle because the weekend before red devils are still to be faced with Wigan and Arsenal.

Truly, because the weight in one weekend must play three times, we wait and see results that will be Manchester United ole red devil if we remain strong hope so because later on 28-05 we will also see time might compete against MU FC Barcelona in the final Champions League.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barcelona Goes To Final

Barcelona finally will meet Manchester United, 1-1 after playing equilibrium between Chelsea. Barcelona with the Spanish club's entitled to follow the steps to the Manchester United at final.
Barca have the right to the final pass was behind 1-0 at 9 minutes to the results of The Blues kick from Michael Essien goal after thet replies created by Andres Iniesta in the injury time. With the results of this series entitled passes Barca can score a goal because at home opponent in the match when Chelsea play this very extraordinary in the 65 minute Barcelona must play with 10 players because Eric Abidal out by the referee, the number of winning players is enough can not be used by the master Chelsea home.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Manchester United Continue To The Final

Manchester United continue to the final round after slaughter rivals Arsenal which from the same country with score 3-1.

The match which is very exciting and excite shown by the second team by both the red devil because it is too The Gunners, offs in the Gunners attack forget deffense sector so that it can be used by Park Ji Sung at 8 minutes to feed a blessing given by Anderson and forwarded by Ronaldo then used by Park Ji Sung, the lapse of 4 minutes and then add Cristian Ronaldo goal for Manchester United and this makes the player Arsène Wenger is in a position that drop.

To enter phase two troops The Gunners did not reduce the enthusiasm in the sector seems to repeat the assault phase they forget the first factor so that the defense is 61 minutes to Arsenal goalkeeper Almunia must collect the ball for the third time from the gate.

Feel more superior to the red devils score 3-0 rhythm to go down the game and this line can be used by attackers The Gunners Fabegras trying hadang in by Darren Fletcher and be so berbuntut red card and penalty kick to gift the Gunners and it is used by Robin van Persie and change the position to be 3-1. From this result we are awaiting the results between Chelsea and Barcelona to find out what opponents Manchester United in the final round.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Travel to be Champion

The more closely to maintain the throne back champion in the premier league this season for the red devils after the hosts beat Middlesbrough 2-0 at the Riverside stadium, with a four-fight that left at least 7 Manchester need to re-point champion jockey crown this season.

The red devils winning six-point from the nearest rivals Liverpool and the title of this will be the degree to which 3 consecutive or 18 to become a history as long as the MU.
According to the description given by the trainers of Manchester United as quoted from Sky Sports "Game is quite good with our determinasi and vary the attack, when to get the first goal in the round we are sure you will get three points.

Two goals to the wicket victory MU Boro are by Ryan Giggs on and 25 minutes to Park Ji Sung at the Park for 51 minutes this is a reward that kind of red devils on the contract extension in Manchester United for four years and this is one of the verification that the park is eligible contract extended by MU.