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Thursday, May 28, 2009


fight between two giant ball flat world make millions of eyes that saw the match between Barcelona and Manchester United is very tense, pulsatile me happy and sad, including one which is very heavy with the results of the tourney yesterday.

Skuad MU has been trying for everything but they have to give up 0-2 against Barcelona.
The final is played at the Olimpico stadium Roman history to create new forces that ultimately must be a red devil genuflect before thousands of supporters who witnessed the game of soccer is that it is difficult to predict any results.

I think the first goal killed us. That attack, and they print the first goal, "said Ferguson as cited Goal.

"We started the match with a little more shine, but nervous after that bear and a touchdown. They (Barca) is also able to continue to keep the ball so, "added Fergie. Even without free Scotland manager recognizes if Barcelona are a better team than skuad, Red Devill.

In other words, Barca win feasible. "It is just we lost by a better team. We do not in our best after the first goal to make us very difficult. Their defense is also very good, "Ferguson close. That is the reality that must be recognized and however

2 komentar:

M!ke said...

Kekalahan MU waktu final liga champions yg lalu, karena para pemainnya kebanyakan maen cewe kali yak..:D haaaa......
tapi, di luar itu kayaknya si uncle fergie salah setting pemain dah. benteng depannya bisa di bilang minim.

Hendy Hendarto said...

kali yee tapi bagaimanapun itulah bola yang tidak bisa dihitung secara matematis