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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Manchester United Continue To The Final

Manchester United continue to the final round after slaughter rivals Arsenal which from the same country with score 3-1.

The match which is very exciting and excite shown by the second team by both the red devil because it is too The Gunners, offs in the Gunners attack forget deffense sector so that it can be used by Park Ji Sung at 8 minutes to feed a blessing given by Anderson and forwarded by Ronaldo then used by Park Ji Sung, the lapse of 4 minutes and then add Cristian Ronaldo goal for Manchester United and this makes the player Arsène Wenger is in a position that drop.

To enter phase two troops The Gunners did not reduce the enthusiasm in the sector seems to repeat the assault phase they forget the first factor so that the defense is 61 minutes to Arsenal goalkeeper Almunia must collect the ball for the third time from the gate.

Feel more superior to the red devils score 3-0 rhythm to go down the game and this line can be used by attackers The Gunners Fabegras trying hadang in by Darren Fletcher and be so berbuntut red card and penalty kick to gift the Gunners and it is used by Robin van Persie and change the position to be 3-1. From this result we are awaiting the results between Chelsea and Barcelona to find out what opponents Manchester United in the final round.

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bagibagiceritayuk.blogspot.com said...

Yeah Ronaldo's time,he play so excellent.Ronaldo's is the key player MU,can you imagine MU without Ronaldo's?