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Best Price

Monday, June 29, 2009

Luis Antonio Valencia

Luis Antonio Valencia joined the Manchester. Realize the dream he joined the Manchester United transfer value with 16 million Pounds Sterling.

This desire and make sir Alex Ferguson will present the new form this summer. Ecuador stars, wish very soon wear costumes Manchester United. Valencia will undergo health tests in the Old Trafford today. Details Valencia contract will be completed in next few days.

Valencia delay the transfer to United for five months. In fact, Ferguson has been interested in him and want to buy it from The Latics, January 2009.

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich also has the same desire to Valencia, must eventually bite finger. Winger age 23 this would replace the position left by Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United's on to another team.

Valencia dream so real. In fact, he will also receive a salary four times in the MU with 75 thousand pounds per week. Sir Alex Ferguson was patiently waiting to get the best prices for Valencia. Sir Alex did not want to pay too much to Valencia, even though he get 85 million pounds of sales Ronaldo.

United is still pursuing Spanish striker, David Villa. MU hard to compete with some of elite European clubs to get the Valencia striker this.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Klass Jan Huntellar

Klaas Jan Huntelaar added a long list of striker go hunting in the Manchester United. Earlier, the Red Devil has to borer Karim Benzema and Sergio Aguero to fill the front lines next season.

MU is currently seeking incentive for Cristiano Ronaldo who has just sell them to Real Madrid and is likely carlos teves will be join with Manchester City. Name from a line of Benzema and Aguero watched fall into the Red Devil . But none that are running according to plan. Each report is still a problem resolution rates.

Therefore, although it recently joined the Real Madrid, striker Huntelaar will be the last on the MU coach, Sir Alex Ferguson to replace Ronaldo place. Huntelaar is a player national team of Netherlands. But since moving to Madrid, he was 25 years old also find it best performance. 20 of the match, Huntelaar new hunting collect 8 gol. Will the forward get the results soon and who will fill the front line of Manchester United?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sergio Aguero

Currently, Manchester United are the new fugitive wanted in the stock transfer. MU is willing to buy expensive striker for Atletico Madrid, Sergio Aguero. Since selling Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid and the loss of Carlos Tevez, MU find young players quality. Of Douglas Costa, Javier Pastore to Nilmar. Spanish newspaper, Marca claims that Manchester United will throw 60 million euro bid, or Rp 874 billion for the Atletico Madrid striker, Sergio Aguero. MU is considered a good relationship with the representatives Aguero, IMG.

According to the plan, Sir Alex will make Aguero Carlos Tevez as a replacement. Aguero has a clause that the purchase contract remaining (buy out clause) 60 million euros. Kubu United believes could reduce the value of the transfer Aguero. Male 21 years old was hit in the show so Independiente recruited Atletico Madrid in the 2006/2007 season. In the 2007/2008 season, it prints 23 goals in 43 appearance in La Liga. Last season, Aguero resemble 21 goals in 45 fight, also eight assists. In young age, Aguero has been shown 15 times for the Argentina Tango and print six goals.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hunting for the new player

Hunting for the new Manchester United Towards the premier league next season hunting players to face the premier league competition also faced by some Manchester United players who have become a fugitive by the red devils also become prey other team.

Such as David Villa became the prey for the Manchester United player this one has a red devil prepare £ 45 million fund to bring in David Villa from Valencia. Money that is really very appropriate for a striker who has been collect 29 goals from 45 caps and a Spanish national team are fantastic.

One of the young players it is Manchester United, Luc Castaignos able to attract the big teams. After Arsenal and liverpool first stated desires to get a young striker that Feyenoord, Manchester United now join brisk competition. To bring home the young red devils Netherlands this has provided funding of £ 4Juta players aged 17 years has been at MU incaran appear in the European Cup U-17

Manchester United back to get fresh funds from the sponsor AIGO, a manufacturer of electronic equipment of the value of the contract so high that it has reached terms to five years.

Contract agreement reached £ 35 million worth of value which is fantastic because some time ago that Manchester United have reached agreement with the sponsor of £ 80 million from aon

Monday, June 8, 2009

Friendship match

Upcoming month of July my favorite club Manchester United will pay a visit to Indonesia to do the play-Indonesia friendship with the All Star is a combination of various club super league of Indonesia.

Not only the fans that are waiting the arrival of the Manchester United players and even the famous soccer players in the fight for Indonesia can be squad friendship later in the match.

Even the committee to be able to select players that anyone can be derived in this rivalry to create a sms poll intended to encompass the most votes any interest according to people who have the right to compete in the fight friendship.

This indicates that the Manchester United Premier Club is a league that is tune in my country Indonesia is even to get the ticket and the message they willing to pay the relatively expensive ticket for a football show in the country for me "Extraordinary" to Manchester United

Saturday, June 6, 2009

CR 7

Manchester United is very expensive given the price that must be paid if Real Madrid want Cristiano Ronaldo. MU want £ 75 million price is considered reasonable for the classmates Cristiano Ronaldo and MU middle of preparing a bid to negotiate with Real Madrid in the next few days.

Madrid president Florentino Perez has stated that he will buy Kaka and Ronaldo. There are strong reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo should be acquired by Real Madrid.
The failure of pre-contract between the two major stronghold risk fines for Madrid. Pre-contract between Madrid with Ronaldo during this citadel there. In fact, stronghold threatened fines Madrid 30 million euros almost if the pre-contract it.

Pre-contract is made between the former president Ramon Calderón and Cristiano Ronaldo agent, Jorge Mendes, summer ago. "At that time, Ronaldo was a reasonable figure to be very expensive. Moreover, after he became the 2008 World Open."

These Sponsor in the World

Manchester United finally get a major sponsor after working with AIG ends this season.
MU work with Aon a company in the financial sector of origin U.S.
deal with MU aon be calculated according to the great news is that there are around 80 million pounds with the four-year long contract.

For the time being registered as a sponsor aon these costumes in the world. "The world economic situation at this time include a nominal which is fantastic" wrote The Wall Street Journal.Actually MU is still bound to the contract with AIG in 2010 in front of the wall but at the same time with its AIG then finally dropped out of contract in the middle of the road. However for the season ahead costumes MU players still marked AIG to the last.