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Saturday, June 6, 2009

CR 7

Manchester United is very expensive given the price that must be paid if Real Madrid want Cristiano Ronaldo. MU want £ 75 million price is considered reasonable for the classmates Cristiano Ronaldo and MU middle of preparing a bid to negotiate with Real Madrid in the next few days.

Madrid president Florentino Perez has stated that he will buy Kaka and Ronaldo. There are strong reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo should be acquired by Real Madrid.
The failure of pre-contract between the two major stronghold risk fines for Madrid. Pre-contract between Madrid with Ronaldo during this citadel there. In fact, stronghold threatened fines Madrid 30 million euros almost if the pre-contract it.

Pre-contract is made between the former president Ramon Calderón and Cristiano Ronaldo agent, Jorge Mendes, summer ago. "At that time, Ronaldo was a reasonable figure to be very expensive. Moreover, after he became the 2008 World Open."

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